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Think Tank Report

A reflection group within trESS, called Think Tank, is set up in order to undertake legal research of strategic questions of social security coordination with a long-term perspective. The Think Tank produces a yearly report analysing potential gaps or shortcomings of the current coordination rules and identifying where these rules need to be adapted in order to fulfil the overall aim of fostering the freedom of movement of persons.
Key challenges for the social security coordination Regulations in the perspective of 2020
Coordination of Unemployment Benefits
Think Tank report on the coordination of long-term care benefits
Healthcare provided during a temporary stay in another Member State to persons who do not fulfil conditions for statutory health insurance coverage
Analysis of selected concepts of the regulatory framework and practical consequences on the social security coordination
Think Tank Report on intra-group mobility
Think Tank Report on health care and pensioners
Think Tank Report on residence

Think Tank Report on new forms of mobility