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The trESS project came to an end in December 2013.
In the current transition phase, the trESS website and its contents will be kept online.
The Regulations Database continues to be updated.
Meanwhile, a new EC-funded network of independent experts in the fields of EU free movement of workers (FMW) and social security coordination (SSC) has been set up, called FreSsco. This network will carry on the trESS LinkedIn group, which has been renamed FreSsco - coordination.

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The Regulations database contains the full text of all the articles of Regulation 1408/71, Regulation 574/72, Regulation 883/2004 and Regulation 987/2009.

Articles are interrelated and linked to European case law and Administrative Commission decisions.

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13/01/2014: The 2013 European Report, Think Tank Report and Analytical Study are now available. You can find them under "European resources".

05/12/2013: Officials of the European Union – Pension rights in the national scheme – Transfer to the European Union pension scheme – Calculation method – Concept of ‘capital value of pension rights’: Case C-166/12 Casta vs CSSZ.

24/10/2013: Family benefit – Child bonus – National regulation providing for a benefit to be granted by way of an automatic tax rebate for children – Non-cumulation: Case C-177/12 CNPF vs Lachheb

10/10/2013: Sickness insurance benefits - Entitlement to an old-age pension in several Member States - Burden of the cost of benefits - Member State ‘legislation’ to which the pensioner has been subject for the longest period of time: Case C-321/12 van der Helder vs CVZ

26/09/2013: EEA Agreement - Council decision - Choice of legal basis - Article 48 TFEU - Article 79(2)(b) TFEU: Case C-431/11 UK vs Council

19/09/2013: Directive 2004/38 and Regulation 883/2004 – Right of residence for more than three months – Having sufficient resources not to become a burden on the ‘social assistance system’ of the host Member State – Application for a special non-contributory cash benefit – Legal right to reside on the national territory: Case C-140/12 Pensionsversicherungsanstalt vs Brey

19/09/2013: Agreement between the European Community and the Swiss Confederation – Swiss nationals residing in Switzerland and working in Luxembourg – Grant of a parental leave allowance – Concept of a ‘family benefit’: Case C-216/12 and 217/12 CNFP vs Hliddal and Bornand

16/05/2013: Old-age benefits – Habitual residence in two different Member States – A survivor's pension received in one of those States and a retirement pension in the other – Withdrawal of one of those benefits – Recovery of benefits to which it is alleged the recipient was not entitled: Case C-589/10 Wencel vs ZUS w Bialymstoku

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